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can children play around railroad ties

Railroad Ties are NOT Legal for Home Landscape Use

Mike discusses what you should do if you discover dangerous treated wood in your landscape. Every EPA site said the same thing about the main preservative in old railroad ties: "Creosote is a possible human carcinogen and has in them, boasting on their website that "Used railroad ties are great for retaining walls and other applications around the house. following the EPA guidelines for old railroad ties: Don't touch the wood with bare skin; don't let animals or children near it; 

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railroad ties are preserved with creosote, making them unsuitable for use around edible plants and where children play. A reciprocating saw or chainsaw are the only tools that can handle cutting through the thickness of railroad ties.

Can you really use railroad ties in your garden? : You Bet Your

Old railroad ties are inherently dangerous, but are they actually illegal to use in the home landscape? Mike McGrath host of You Bet Your Garden will discuss the criminality of the colossal cancer columns.

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Materials should be at least 12 inches deep and extend 6 feet in all directions around the equipment. children can also be injured when they trip over equipment or barriers, such as railroad ties, that are designed to hold fall protection 

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This pin of an outdoor setting in the rain, reflects the idea that children are capable and competent beings that should DIY inexpensive fire pit using landscape blocks, railroad ties, and pea gravel, or put around sand box and play area.

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19 Jul 2016 We can see the way of use railroad ties do with garden materials on many gardening books, especially used in many private gardens, such as around the edge of the pool, and even can be used as hand-washing station, lamppost, railing, flower pot , etc. This kind of Using rail sleepers stub, stitching a strange wooden stool or build a simple swing will be children's favourite. As creosote is toxic, probably not a good idea to use for seating, or for play structures.

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I like this step design for the hillside behind the barn (railroad ties, gravel) but our rise over run will probably be steeper. Our path around the property line could look like this at the bottom of the hill behind the barn (not with regard to materials but with regard to structure). tie steps were created off a short gravel path dividing the concrete patio and wood tree deck which is the children's main play area.

Backyard kid greatness. Must do this with railroad ties in the dirt part

kid greatness. Must do this with railroad ties in the dirt part of my backyard. Discover ideas about Outdoor play Spaces. Amazing outdoor Loving the idea of painting up round fence posts to look like pencils in the kids. More information.

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13 Apr 2017 That means your vegetables could deliver a dose of a known carcinogen. Your children and pets may prove especially sensitive to tactile exposure to the chemicals, meaning that even playing around old railroad ties might 

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28 Jun 2010 What are some of the other big dangers with at-home sandboxes (i.e., using railroad ties to build a sandbox)?. The other Crayola play Sand: This comes in fun colors that can be used for more than just play. At the end of the 

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Wooden Swing Set Kids playground Slide Outdoor Backyard Fort playset Swingset Product Description: This wooden Use railroad ties to segregate the area of the yard with the pool and fire pit from the part where we can actually grow grass 

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12 Oct 2007 Even if railroad ties leach into the soil, it does not mean creosote will be taken up by the plant. Further, the stuff is not that And we really enjoy watching her and her babies crawling around the yard.Nearly every source told 

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railroad ties around swing set on hill The Great Outdoors Elegant Small Backyard playground Ideas Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Kids With playground Sets On .. And then no one can kick our kids out of their tent. Ok it was 

How to Create a Raised Flower Bed Using Railroad Ties Home

Creating a viable garden flower bed can pose a serious problem for a number of reasons. Perhaps the soil Do not use treated railroad ties around a raised bed where vegetables or fruit grow or in areas where children play. railroad ties or 

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23 Jan 2014 It's a kind of creosote, the stuff used to weatherproof telephone poles and railroad ties. The growing body of research around asphalt sealants was pioneered by Barbara Mahler and Peter van .. When kids play in the street, PAH's can enter their body when they inhale and can also occur in their skin.

Are Railroad Ties Okay to Use to Construct Vegetable Gardens

Gases released from creosote are also harmful in a closed space, so railroad ties should not be used in a greenhouse or indoors. on the health of our kids, and to work together to solve the problems, particularly around the issue of childhood obesity. Jane: What role have you played in the White House Kitchen Garden?

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railroad ties around swing set on hill The Great Outdoors More information . outdoor kids play area ideas - not a huge fan of the big plastic toys, but the kids like it, and you can find it cheap. Find this Pin and more on Home - outside Kids 

ATSDR - Public Health Statement: Creosote

For this reason, many times throughout the profile, we will refer to coal tar creosote, coal tar, and coal tar pitch simply as creosote. . They are most often found in and around coke- or natural gas-producing factories, in industrial plants where coal tar or who use railroad ties or telephone poles in landscaping, or who reclaim scrap lumber from a treated structure may . children may come into contact with creosote-treated wood when playing on or near railroad tracks, in ditches close 

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fences and borders around gardens or flowerbeds. Because wood is commonly used to treat railroad ties and utility poles. Because of the children who play on CCA-treated playground equipment can be exposed to significant amounts of 

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13 Sep 2010 Creosote-treated railroad ties should not be used around veggie gardens or fruit trees, playgrounds or any other place where it may come into contact with food or children. railroad ties treated with creosote can be sealed to 

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Human exposure to coal tar creosote can occur by inhalation or direct dermal contact. Studies cross ties, and fencing; as a result of burning treated scrap wood; and through contact with contaminated media at and railroad crossties. children may be exposed by playing near .. acenaphthene were found in soil samples taken in a 10-cm zone around creosote-treated posts, whereas concentrations of 

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21 Nov 2015 at-play~The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides information on how to keep children safe in their backyard sandbox. Sandbox frames should not be made with inexpensive railroad ties. These may cause