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floor options for concrete basement

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10 Jun 2018 Since basements floors are below ground and usually rest atop a concrete slab, moisture is a primary concern. Since you're looking at cheap basement flooring options, your choices largely will be limited to glazed ceramic 

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There are many basement flooring options, but you can also dress up the standard concrete basement floor. If your concrete floor is smooth, dry, and free of imperfections, consider playing it up with paint. This is the least expensive finishing 

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Another option for damp prone spaces is to use cement or concrete floors, which can be stained to a glossy, up-market finish. If damp and moisture is not a problem in your basement at all, then the world is your oyster – in flooring terms – and 

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14 Jan 2016 Want to install basement flooring over a concrete surface? Check out these best basement flooring options.

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10 Mar 2018 concrete basement floor. 2. Floating Plywood. As the least expensive subflooring option, floating plywood's only barrier between the concrete and the plywood is plastic sheeting. But it is thin and an easy subfloor to install.

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See more ideas about floors, Home ideas and basement flooring options. DIY: How To Paint and Stencil a concrete floor - this is an inexpensive fix Owner Building a Home: The Momplex Staining and Finishing concrete floors.

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Paint is generally your cheapest basement floor option. Use a good quality epoxy, usually two-part paint, and follow the manufacturer's directions exactly. Some epoxies and concrete paints require sealing, etching or other preparation.

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12 Feb 2018 concrete is the natural flooring surface found in basements because houses are built on top of giant concrete slabs. In its natural, untreated state, this can be unique, if dull and industrial looking basement flooring option.

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flooring. Are you in the market for something low maintenance, inexpensive, and easy to install? If so, you might want to consider an epoxy sealant over your concrete floors. But, just note: there is a 

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Template Drywall Repair Tool - Hand Tools, Drywall, Finishes And Surfaces, concrete Materials And Admixtures . Innovative basement Systems has a wide variety of basement floor tile options for homeowners interested in finishing their 

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In almost all circumstances, concrete floors are the cheapest choice you can make. Good insulation can make concrete nearly as warm as any other flooring option. Stone Tiling — Not every stone material is a natural for basement flooring, but 

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Because moist, humid air is heavy, it tends to sink to the lowest part of your house—your basement. There, warm, humid air can come in contact with relatively cool surfaces, such as a concrete slab floor, and condense. Keeping condensation 

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Laminate flooring is an ideal option if you're is seeking a low cost, do-it-yourself flooring material in the basement. The key is to eliminate any moisture problems before laying the flooring in order to avoid damage to the floor in the future.

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25 Feb 2015 When considering basement flooring options, think about not only price and style but also how well the product will hold up Ceramic tile is not as durable—it can chip or crack—and will cost about the same as concrete.

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Carpet, tile and cork flooring are just a few options for basement flooring. Read more about the different types of flooring Because it's soft and it breathes, cork may provide more comfort than a concrete floor. “Cork doesn't rot,” McMillan says.

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At Rod Martin's Complete basement Systems, our basement flooring options are all made specifically for concrete basement floors. When installed in your home, our flooring options will never rot, decay or support mold growth. Each floor 

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29 Sep 2010 When choosing new flooring for a concrete basement floor, the way you use the space is a major factor in deciding which option is best. A basement area used primarily as a game room or hobby shop requires a more 

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When it comes to boosting the look and quality of your basement, here are a few other types of flooring options every homeowner should consider.

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HGTV Remodels: Expert tips on basement flooring options plus pictures, ideas and advice on downstairs flooring solutions.

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for basements that have a concrete subfloor in decent condition, concrete staining can create a smooth, finished basement floor. The process of concrete staining transforms your floor into something altogether different than your outdoor patio 

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Get the scoop on the best waterproof flooring for your basement from HGTV. Two of the best options for waterproof flooring for basements are epoxy paint and sealed concrete. Not only are both affordable, but they are durable and allow for 

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That leaves you a lot of basement flooring options, such as ceramic tile, engineered wood, rubber and laminate flooring made with a A concrete basement slab is porous and prone to moisture and water vapor migrating up through the slab.

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20 Nov 2013 410-858-4610 Pete Westera is the owner of basement Systems USA and one of the leading authorities on basement waterproofi

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24 Nov 2015 Low profile options are available if that is your situation. Most of us don't give a whole lot of thought to the levelness of the concrete slab that is the basement floor, unless it is drastically sloped. When having flooring installed 

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If you are interested in industrial, modern type flooring options, then a stained concrete flooring might be The cold comes up through your basement subfloor and has nowhere to go.

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A surprising number of materials are suitable for basement flooring. range of options, the bad news is that basements are the most challenging part of a house in which to install flooring. Topped by decorative vinyl squares or carpeting, these tiles feature molded plastic bases that enable the concrete slab to breathe.

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While it is possible to install hardwood flooring directly onto a concrete basement floor by gluing it down, it is recommended that a more durable option, such installing subfloor first, or using engineered wood flooring, is considered. Because a