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Wood-Plastic Composites—Performance and - Springer

impacts of wood-plastic composites (WPCs) used in a variety of applications ranging from .. which melt at different temperatures and that are fused together by laser radiation .. trims including in dashboards and doors (Carus et al. 2015).

What can lasers do with composites? - Industrial Laser Solutions

12 Sep 2014 The widespread use of advanced polymer composites in the aerospace industry is leading to their increased use in other industries—most notably in the automotive industry, where weight reduction is of increasing 

Absorption behavior analysis of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer in

28 Sep 2015 laser machining of CFRP is a potential processing method as an alternative of conventional mechanical machining. This paper Monitoring stress changes in carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites with GHz radiation.

Laser Cutting of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo-Plastic

We report on the laser cutting of carbon fiber reinforced thermo-plastic (CFRTP) with a cw IR fiber laser (average power: 1 kW). CFRTP is a composite material which contains carbon fibers and binding thermoplastic. A well-defined cutting of 

Reinventing Energica dashboard through professional 3D printing

The object of this application case is the creation of an innovative dashboard capable of containing, protecting, and isolating cutting-edge and very complex electronics. The use of laser Sintering technology and Windform® composite materials enabled Energica to be on the market this model features the lower part made by 3D printing using Windform® LX 3.0, and the upper part in plastic injection.

CRP Technology 3D prints dashboard and seat prototypes for

22 Mar 2018 CRP Technology has harnessed 3D printing to accelerate the product development of the dashboard and seats of the Energica Ego electric motorcycle. During the development of the Ego model, CRP utilised the laser sintering process and its Windform materials to problems and the plastic injection tolerances calculated are the same as those of the Windform composite material.

Thermal Damage of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic by IR Fiber

Keywords: laser micromachining, CW IR fiber laser, CFRP composite, heat-affected zone (HAZ), microscopic X-ray computed tomography. 1. Introduction. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) are composite materials consisting of resin 

What is Selective Laser Sintering? An Introductory Guide - Formlabs

How SLS Works. SLS 3D printers use a high power laser to fuse small particles of polymer powder. . Nylon composites with aluminide, carbon, or glass are developed to optimize parts for higher strength, stiffness, or flexibility. With these 

Laser Specialists Inc. Automotive Custom Laser Metal Cutting

Headliners; dashboards & Consoles; Door Moldings; Seating and Airbag Materials; Thermoformed plastic Components mild, high strength and stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, plastic, rubber, acrylic, foam, and various textile composites.

fibre laser material processing of aerospace composites - SPI Lasers

laser material processing of composite materials such as carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) for aerospace structures is generating a great deal of interest in the aerospace industry. The aerospace sector is seeing the potential benefits of