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composite materials in automotive audi

Composite engine bay brace for Audi R8 - Inside Composites

4 days ago audi, Hexcel and Secar Technologie, Hönigsberg, Austria, joined forces to develop a composite engine bay brace for the high-performance audi R8. fibre/epoxy moulding compound to produce the central node and tube end terminations for direct mounting to the car. with no adhesive film or additional bonding material used between the tubes and the HexMC-i moulding compound.

Composites in the Fast Lane - Composites Manufacturing Magazine

1 Sep 2015 Sogefi, working with Owens Corning, unveiled the first composite material coil springs for automotive suspension systems last fall. audi will use the GFRP coil for its mass-produced A6 Avant 2.0 TDI ultra. The composite coils 

Voith demonstrates Industry 4.0 carbon fibre manufacture with Audi

A state-of-the-art production line for the high volume manufacture of carbon fibre components at Voith composites' site near Munich is now producing components for a future audi model, and Voith is working on further automotive projects.

Automotive companies select their composites - Materials Today

14 Aug 2012 Read 'automotive companies select their composites partners – 8 of the best' on materials Today – the February 2011: audi and Voith, a German industrial group using CFRP in industrial plant design, sign a letter of intent 

Audi A8 Rear Panel Represents Potential for Fully Digital CFRP

19 Mar 2018 Voith expects the novel manufacturing line to “elevate the industrialization of composites production to a new level.” According to Voith, the VRA is responsible for producing CFRP rear panels for the new audi A8, which features an innovative, mixed-material frame. “With a whole According to audi, the CFRP rear panel comprises 33 percent of the torsional rigidity of the total vehicle.

Automotive Process - YouTube

21 Mar 2018 Winner : audi AG (Germany) and its partners, Voith composites GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Dow automotive (Switzerland), and Zoltek Corp. (United States) Series

Dow Technology Recognized with 2018 JEC Innovation Award

8 Mar 2018 audi AG, in collaboration with Voith composites GmbH, The Dow Chemical Company and ZOLTEK Corp., for CFRP as a viable consideration for lightweight material selection for high-volume automotive manufacturing.

The Carbon Fiber Future: It's About More Than Speed - Live Science

9 Mar 2016 But one trend stands out: The lightweight composite materials on display at last year's New York international Auto Show offer insight into what to . in many cars, such as the audi R8, these trim pieces are available as extras.

Composite coil spring for automotive suspension system - Plastics

in automotive. Coil spring made of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP); GFRP spring weighs 40-70% less than steel First composite material coil springs patented by Sogefi and developed with audi will guarantee the new car a weight 

Audi A8 to feature carbon fibre rear wall - Inside Composites

audi has announced that the new A8 will feature a carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) rear bulkhead and parcel shelf. Scheduled for introduction later this year, the body shell of the car will incorporate a mix of four different materials – steel, 

Audi Pairs Humans with Robots to Assemble Composite Roofs for

14 Aug 2017 audi is taking an unconventional approach to assemble its RS 5 Coupe: having humans work side-by-side with robots on the model's CFRP roofs. The employee takes the roof with the aid of a handling device and installs it in the car. As audi notes, the ACMA's composites Growth initiative (CGI) committees promote and expand the use and understanding of composite materials.

Dow Automotive Systems Showroom : CompositesWorld

audi and Voith composites iterate the CFRP rear wall from R8 sports car to A8 luxury sedan via an automated DowDuPont will operate as a holding company under with three standalone divisions – Agriculture, materials Science and 

Will Ford's composites move finally crack the automotive industry's

6 Jun 2017 Both audi and BMW benefit not only from CFRP's singular set of properties – stiffness, strength and low mass – but also from the material's bleeding-edge image, which burnishes their reputation for refined luxury and 

Audi announces new R&D in automotive composites applications

audi reports that it is evaluating composite materials in two emerging applications. The first is bonding via resin transfer molding (RTM) of a laminate of carbon fiber composite to some aluminum structures. The second is development of 

High Volume Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced - Voith

16 May 2017 Global Trends - Challenge for the automotive industry. Regulations Efficient weight reduction (€/kg) as the aim for the audi Multimaterial Space Frame. . materials - Efficient composite Solution Package. 2. Carbon Fiber.

Audi R8 seat wall: A prelude to production : CompositesWorld

audi takes it upon itself to design and develop carbon fiber composite structures that, the company hopes, will enter But putting composites on the same material palette as the auto industry's still-preferred steel and aluminum will take time 

Sogefi composite coil spring to be launched by Audi for 2015

The new GFRP coil springs can be assembled on cars and light commercial vehicles without affecting the suspension system audi reports that it can precisely tune the composite springs and points out that the material will not corrode, even 

Automotive - ace-composite.de

For shell constructions, drive trains and chassis, fibre composite materials pave the way for technical and economic ACE was nominated by audi to develop and manufacture crash relevant CFRP parts for the new car body “MSS”. internaly 

Audi A8 Will Feature Carbon Core Technology Similar to BMW

10 Apr 2017 For the next generation of the A8, audi is employing a mix of four materials – CFRP composites, aluminum, steel and magnesium, in the body structure, known as the audi Space Frame (ASF). While most of the car will be 

Automation, automotive, recycling and more from JEC World 2018

9 Mar 2018 Mass production of automotive composites, recycling and composites in shipbuilding are just some of the themes from this These will result from integrating Plataine's Cut Plan Optimization Solution into Airborne's automated kitting system, and will enable composite material utilization to be Voith composites automated production line for audi A8 rear wall Voith Roving Applicator 

Composites In Automotive Composites Manufacturing Magazine

Hexcel and Secar Technologie GmbH Develop audi R8 Carbon Fiber Engine Bay X-Brace Last week, Thermwood completed installation of what is believed to be the world's largest composite material 3-D printer at digital OEM Local Motors 

Carbon fibre in car production – weighing up the benefits - Just Auto

1 Jun 2017 audi, Alfa Romeo and Toyota are also integrating CFRP in certain pockets of their cars. From 'hot hatches' through to luxury limousines and SUVs, this composite material is no longer purely reserved for motorsport specials.

Overview of automotive structural composites technology

8 Feb 2018 The employment of new lightweight material such as high-tensile steel, aluminum alloy, and composites is the most direct automotive bodies have been widely adopted, particularly in German cars, such as BMW and audi.