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what is the best factory stained shingle

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the following are a few recommendations to help ensure their lasting beauty. Exposure: To prevent buckling . Renowned for the quality of our products, we manufacture natural, KD (kiln-dried) and factory-stained shingles in our own facilities.

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factory-stained shingle · Aging stained shingles Aging stained shingles. the PPG/Olympic® weathering stain and bleaching oil are used by SBC to offer silvery grey shingles at installation. requires little maintenance. there unique formulation gives a better wood stability and a finish resistant to cracking or blistering.

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12 Nov 2012 Nothing beats the classic look of stained Eastern White Cedar shingles. the durability of cedar siding has been proven for over a century. That's why it's so well suited for the environments of Cape Cod and the islands.

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factory-stained shingles. Cape Cod Siding uses PPG/Olympic's Weathering Stain in order to offer silvery gray ready-to-install shingles. In fact Our factory-stained shingles offer the best of both worlds, the natural beauty of real wood and the.

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stained shingles: the best warranty in the industry · Click here to the SBC shingles: an outstanding presentation and finition. Only one look to see the. Natural cedar shingle · factory-stained shingle Western red cedar stained shingle.

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When it is well-installed according to our installation recommendations, cedar shingle siding can last over 50 years. . Buying SBC factory-stained shingles is the best decision you can make, because you will obtain maximum protection on all 

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Because Elite stained shingles combine the best exterior wood siding substrate with superior coatings expertly applied by an SBC's proprietary dipping process is executed in a factory controlled environment under ideal conditions of 

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the following are a few recommendations to help ensure their lasting beauty. For the first row (wall, roof), always lay a double course of shingles and offset . Our factory-stained shingles offer the best of both worlds: the natural beauty.

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Since 1964, Maibec is the largest manufacturer of Eastern white cedar shingles in North America. Visit us to Squarely the best. Maibec . the fastest, easiest way to get Maibec's high-quality factory stained siding in the exact color you want.

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shingle Expert. From our unique Easy Nailing System, to our new touch up kits and our exclusive Enviro Bleach stain, we prove time and best regards,. Francis Bélanger, CA. V.P. Sales & Administration. the Expert by SBC is published three or four times a year. producing factory-stained shingles about 10 years ago,.

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To better meet the needs of our customers we are delighted to now offer a complete range of snow and sand fences. Waska factory Coated, Weathering Stain<sup>TM</sup>/Bleached & Semi-transparent Stain Waska's weathering stained shingles have been specifically formulated to give our shingles a uniform, naturally&nbsp;

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Custom prefinished cedar, fiber cement, and composite shake and shingle siding products including hand dipped individual cedar shakes and shingles. Legacy Pre-Finishing's truly Hand-Dipped cedar shingles are reversible, allowing you to choose the best side to install. Hand dipped prefinished factory Pre-finished Perfection shingles, Random Square Straight Edge or Staggered Edge Panels.

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Smiros Architects, LLP. Follow the manufacturers' instructions for best performance factory finishing of kiln-dried sidewall products, recommended to save on Numerous manufacturers offer pre-stained, pre-primed or primed and finished&nbsp;

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Bar none, the industry's best procedure. Every Maibec stain is carefully developed in close partnership with top stain manufacturers according to our own factory application process and the inherent properties of the wood we work with.

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show better penetration characteristics than older latex Latex stain blocking primers are evolving. • Opaque: opaque color finishes are applied to the shingle after an alkyd oil paints. the factory finish topcoats are referred to as a finish coat.

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factory-stained shingle &middot; Aging stained shingles SBC is always proud to serve customers better. As the leader in quality natural Each pre-stained shingle is made from high quality Eastern white and Western red cedar. SBC's expertise and&nbsp;

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We kiln dry every Western Red Cedar shingle so they absorb more stain. Our proprietary dipping process assures each shingle is coated on all sides for maximum finish performance. Our factory ground color bases have better color retention&nbsp;

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Western red cedar stained shingle In collaboration with PPG/Olympic®, SBC offers factory-stained cedar shingle. This unique process, allows SBC to offer a 10-year warranty (1 coat of stain) and 25 years (2 coats of stain), the best&nbsp;

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All Watkins brand cedar shingles are available with ColorSeal and stain finishes are available in Oil or Acrylic in a variety of custom Our factory Finish Solid Color produces vibrant, long-lasting colors that look flawless for up to 25 years.

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“Installation of factory finished lumber is one of the best ways to achieve excellent performance from wood products used outdoors.” – Historic HomeWorks. “Backprimed wood resists absorbing moisture from the back that can cause the finish&nbsp;

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As part of our green involvement *, SBC now offers pre-finished shingles with Enviro factory finishing in a controlled Stain • Wood. SBC PEACE OF MIND. WARRANTY PROGRAM. best in the industry. Your customers derserve the best,.

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Re-shingling their house in Manchester, the McCues have ended up with the best of both colors. For instance, had longevity been the only factor, a material such as fiber-cement siding stained with water-based coating would have been a&nbsp;

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SBC offers the best long-term warranty program of the Eastern white cedar factory-. Warranties on stained shingles product combines application and performance for a 100% acrylic coating with the beauty and protection of an oil stain.

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At Hingham Lumber Company we recommend Maibec two coat pre-stained shingles for their quality, durability and clean and dry shingles in factory conditions on all sides (when the shingle is totally encapsulated), makes for a better&nbsp;