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wood wool slab decking for flat roofs

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ply membranes in flat roofing. A system .. Where a surface finish, ballast, paving slabs, or decking .. Woodwool is very rarely used in new construction. If.

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information on all aspects of Flat Roofing, Waterproofing and .. Derbigum was winner of the Flat Roofing Alliance 2004 Product .. woodwool slab deck.

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Suitable deck's for use beneath Sika-Trocal roofing systems include profiled metal sheet, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), timber, woodwool cement slab,.

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The material used for the roof deck must be moisture resistant and will usually be plywood, OSB or timber boards although concrete and woodwool slab or.

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Woodwool is a building board suitable for carrying lime or clay renders and plasters. It is made from mineralised wood, giving a board that is breathable "vapour.

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Precast concrete slab. 78. Timber joists. 90 . Timber batten on concrete slab raised access floor. 45. Disposal . Woodwool decking to flat roof. Bitument felt.

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5 Aug 2016 . Want to know is it possible to overlay an existing flat roof with Single Ply? . Woodwool slabs must be considered as a fragile roof deck.

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The surface should be wood float finished and the slab allowed to cure thoroughly and dry out to provide a suitable surface to . OSB used for flat roof decking should be type OSB/3 or OSB/4, conforming to BS EN 300:1997. . Woodwool slabs.

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The techniques of concrete flat roof retro-insulation are essential knowledge be able to design and specify correctly. . The roof deck is kept warm through placing the insulation above it. . Mineral wool slab (adhered / mechanically fixed)* . Gas fuelled heating · Wood fuelled heating · Radiators & underfloor heating · Solar.

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It should be taken into account that other flat roofing materials .. Roof decks of wood wool slabs should be formed from slabs conforming to. Type SB of BS.

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19 Aug 2016 . When to use single ply membranes for a flat roof overlay . Even stripping back to the original roof deck may not give the required . Woodwool slabs were also used to fully over screed with a minimum 50mm screed thickness.

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2 Jun 2017 . This answers the question about the building material woodwool: what . to slabs to be used in decking, insulating boards and even roof slabs.

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20 Oct 2012 . . old flat roofs with new EPDM flat roofs, when we removed the old flat r. . old flat roof we found the flt roof decking was this stramit board some.

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His mas ter's the sis dealt with wa ter leak age in flat roofs in Tu ni sia, and he wrote a Build ing Is sue on the topic in 1989. He is the house ex pert . ther mal in su la tion as 100 mm of wood wool slab re quires about 4 m nat u ral stone, 1.8 m.

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Woodwool Slab Deck. Dryseal Drawing Woodwool Slab Deck. Installing the Dryseal flat roofing system on a woodwool slab deck with a warm roof build up.

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It was used generally during the 1960s to provide insulation often at roof level . Woodwool boards were used both as a permanent shuttering to flat slabs but.

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Planning permission is unlikely to be required for the re-covering of flat roofs ... Wood wool slabs used for flat roof decking will typically be 50-75mm thick.

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Warm deck flat roof insulation is now the standard way to insulate a flat roof – click to enlarge . Wood fibre batts (adhered / mechanically fixed), 300, 0.22. 400, 0.17. 500, 0.15. Mineral wool slab (adhered / mechanically fixed), 150, 0.22.