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horse eating composite decking

Do termites eat composite wood decking material? - Quora

University of Nebraska says no. About 2 screens down, in paragraph about Plastic and composite wood. Choose Wood Materials Carefully To Prevent Termites and Rot (woodchoices)

Unusual Horse Eating Habits Purina Animal Nutrition - Purina Mills

horses are expected to eat grass, hay, and grain but not dirt or manure. While worrisome to horse owners, but are these horse eating habits harmful?

Unusual Eating Behaviors in Horses Explained – The Horse

We expect our horses to eat grass, hay, grain, and maybe treats like carrots or apples. We don't expect them to eat things like dirt or manure, but sometimes they do. While this type of behavior can be both offensive and worrisome, is it actually 

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Trex Poly Lumber is made from reclaimed wood and plastic, and it is commonly used in decking and fencing. The two materials are . "There are many reasons why horses should eat with their heads down," she says. "Gravity helps keep all 

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22 Apr 2014 For example, we opted to use Trex composite decking for our stall fronts, rather than wood. It's about three times as expensive as wood, but is fireproof, never needs painting, and horses won't chew on it. What we spent up