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solar reflectance of plastics

OSA Calculation of the Color of Pigmented Plastics*

Color characterization of coatings with diffraction pigments. A. Ferrero, B. Bernad, J. Campos, E. Perales, J. L. Velázquez, and F. M. Martínez-Verdú J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 33(10) 1978-1988 (2016). A Study of Pigment Primaries and Mixtures.

Accelerated UV Testing For Plastics - Solar Light

16 Oct 2017 solar Light Co. makes solar Simulator testing kits specifically for accelerated UV plastics testing and accelerated UV can show color changes, and the surface gloss can be analyzed with diffuse reflectance measurements.

Cool Colors™ Pigments - ResearchGate

plastics manufacturers to select the best Cool ColorsTM pigments for their coloration of high- performance plastics and coatings and can be used in solvent or solar reflectance of Ferro´s Cool Colors™ pigments is significantly higher.

Standard Test Method for Determining Solar or Photopic

Fiber-Reinforced plastics - Integrating Sphere Reflectometers - Measuring Instruments - Opacity And Transmittance - Optical Absorptance - Optical Properties - Optical Radiation - reflectance And Reflectivity - Reinforced plastics - solar 

Guidelines for Selecting Cool Roofs - National Park Service

solar reflectance Index (SRI) is another metric for comparing the “coolness” of roof surfaces1. It and the clean white roof has a solar reflectance of 0.80 and thermal emittance of 0.90. . one or more layers of plastic or rubber material with.

CAD RETEC®2016 : The 54rd Annual Society of Plastics Engineers

11 Sep 2016 CAD RETEC®2016 : The 54rd Annual Society of plastics Engineers Color and Appearance One way to measure the energy absorbed by any substrate is by determining its Total solar reflectance (TSR), expressed as a 

GP FF Light Transmission and Reflectance - TAP Plastics

solar radiation is the naturally occurring radiation that reaches the earth's surface. It includes visible light as well as ultraviolet and infrared light (Graph 1). The visible band of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the only range that can be 

Plastics in automotive applications value card

inorganic, NIR reflective. Less energy absorbance in the near infrared spectrum of the sun- light in comparison to other blacks. With our cool pigments, only your imagination is the limit for design. solar heat management for plastics in 

Paint it cool! - BASF Dispersions & Pigments - BASF Corporation

TSR (Total solar reflectance) 75 %. Page 3. 02 03. Absorption 90 %. TSR (Total solar reflectance) 10 %. Page 4. Total solar reflectance (TSR) is the percentage of irradiated energy that is . lower paint layer(s) or in the plastic substrate.

Plastics Testing Light Source Plastics, Paints - Solar Light

Paints, Coatings & plastics Testing solar Simulator are a simple fade testing light source for plastics and vinyl testing. For more details visit now!

Venator launches cool new solar reflecting ALTIRIS® pigment for

Tests show that, compared to ordinary TiO2, the spectra of ALTIRIS<sup>®</sup> W400 pigment can boost the solar reflectance of white and light colored plastics by as much as 25%. This in turn can enhance the thermal stability, weather resistance and&nbsp;

The Cool Roof Phenomenon - Green Building Solutions

reflectance, or albedo, is the percentage of solar energy reflected by a surface; the higher the percentage, the more energy . (There are several PVC plastics running at the higher end of the range, with one PVC plastic's albedo as high as 86&nbsp;

A solar reflecting material for radiative cooling - ScienceDirect

Plastic foils containing nonabsorbing pigments can display a high reflectance of solar radiation combined with a high transmittance in the atmospheric window region in the thermal infrared. Such foils can be applied as selective covers&nbsp;

Luxus - Plastic Recycling

15 Feb 2018 Supporting this innovative service is a new spectrophotometer capable of reading solar reflectance in the NIR spectrum. It enables therefore, the measurement of solar reflectance levels of colourants to ensure that specified&nbsp;

Measuring Heat of Synthetic Turf - Synthetic Turf Council

A Simplified Look at. solar Reflective Index and. Surface Temperature Predicting Maximum Field Service Temperatures From solar reflectance, Hardcastle , Coloring. Technology for plastics, pp 59-67. Visible. Radiation. Heat Producing.

Reflectivity Thermomechanics of technological processes - NTC-TTP

Reflectivity is an optical property of material, which describes how much light is reflected from the material in relation to an Reflectivity depends on the wavelength of light, direction of the incident and reflected light, polarization of light, type of the material (metal, plastic, etc.) solar: Average of reflectivity values of all wavelengths with the weight of the intensity of solar radiation at a given wavelength.

Using Light Reflectance Value to Reverse Urban Heat Island Effect

29 Oct 2014 The light reflectance value of paints and coatings correlates directly with the urban heat-island effect. The ability to measure the reflective qualities of these products can help identify their solar absorption rate. Defensive Measures: UV Analysis of Sun Protection in Fabrics and Detergents. Pingback: Color Changing plastics: Applying Spectral Data to New Technology Development&nbsp;

Solar Reflective Coatings Prospector

6 Nov 2015 The incorporation of solar reflective pigments in paint can decrease the cost to air condition buildings in the U.S. will have a surface temperature of about 65°C if the coated substrate is wood, plastic or isolated steel sheets.

Evaluation of PE Films Having NIR-Reflective Additives for - Hindawi

14 Jan 2013 The optical properties of chosen plastic films are vital as well, as they largely govern the crop yield. solar radiation induces photosynthesis, which is essential for the plant growth and provides energy to the greenhouse system&nbsp;

venator launches cool new solar reflecting altiris pigment for exterior

1 May 2017 family of products designed to deliver enhanced solar reflective properties across a broad color palette. Available for use in cool white, near-white, bright color and pastel shade plastics, the patented ALTIRIS®. W400 pigment&nbsp;

Solar-Reflective Colorants 2013-10-01 PCI Magazine

1 Jan 2014 The intent of using solar-reflective coatings is to reflect a significant amount of solar radiation away from colored The foam plastic insulation used in most EIF systems consists of expanded or extruded polystyrene board.

Solar-reflective colorants - BSRIA

27 Nov 2014 NANOPIGMY project seeks to produce cost-efficient multi-functional ceramic pigments with more functionalities than color to give to the automobile and construction materials (plastic, paint and concrete) the required&nbsp;

Solar Reflectance Index – The World's Best Roofing Blog - Duro-Last

20 Jan 2010 Reflectivity, or albedo, is the percentage of the sun's energy that is reflected by a surface. Another important measurement of a roof membrane's performance is emittance. Emittance deals with how effectively a surface&nbsp;

SRI Product Data Sheet - Tech-Crete Processors Ltd.

Thermal Expansion of plastics. Between -30° and 30°C with a. Vitreous Silica Dilatometer. – ASTM C1549 - Standard Test. Method For Determination of. solar reflectance Near Ambient. Temperature Using a Portable solar. Reflectometer.

BLACK 10P923

DESCRIPTION: An IR reflective jet black pigment for use in plastics applications. It is highly resistant to acid, base, UV color is needed with the highest TSR (Total solar reflectance) and lowest HBU (Heat Build-up) to meet performance and&nbsp;